Sunday, June 4, 2017

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There's one day when someone trying tu say her point of view. She said "kalau saya nasihat awak untuk kebaikan awak. Dosa tau kalau awak buat saya sakit hati dan nangis." Ok i got it very clearly. And then I twisted her statement. " what if kalau you nasihat I then I pulak yg sakit hati and I nangis. Dosa macam mana? Half2 ke apa?" I jnow I look stupid but I just want to know what is her answer and she didnt answer. I always learned from what is happening around me. And I realised, people always want to be respected and obeyed but they dont act like one on the first place. I always prioritise justice with everyone in everything i do insya allah. But what I want to highlight in thispost is that , If you want people to treat you kindly you have to treat then with kindness too. No such thing as only oyher people must do good deed towards you. We have t9 respext each other. If youre a suster to your baby brother then if you promised him anything and incase you tak boleh nak tunaikam then the fault is on you. Jgn nak salahkan orang putar belit cakap dia tak faham kalau dia marah2 you. You explain elok2. The children must respect their mother. And the mother also have to respect their children. And so on with the siblings or friends. Kalau you asyik nak pentingkan perasaan you sampai bila2 takde orang suka dekat you. Well kalau orang malas boleh baiki jadi rajin. Orang tak pandai boleh improve jadi excellent. But once you dah sakitkan hati orang, you will never get their respect anymore. Most of the time I selalu tak agree dengan adat orang melayu macam orang perempuan kena kemas rumah masak and settlekan semua housechores. And yang muda selalu kena beralah kalau kena marah ke apa. I mean hey why dontwr change and start respect each other. I always want to apply the quote "treat people how you eant to be treated.". And I paling benci bila org cerita pasal someone pasal keburukan dia ke apa because boleh tak you dengar cerita on both sides? I mean be fair. You cannot judge you know.

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