Saturday, May 6, 2017

My last long love

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Almost 12 months from today;5 april 2017, I was choosen to continue my study in Uitm dengkil. I wasnt plan to live with somebody that I didnt know because I was planning to be in the same room with my ex bedmate in sgs. But Allah knows best, He let me live with 5 other amazing girls Ive ever known. These girls bring so much happiness to me that I could be myself naturally. I woke for almost 8 months next to them and always look for them to find for happiness everytime I stressed with works. Nevertheless today marked the end of our foundation year. The last day to be in the same home,going insane with the same issues. But hope to stay close together till the end. I spoke to myself and other people that I did not feel sad for leaving asasi and friends but didnt realise that my heart had fall for these 5 girls. They own mine. I caught myself crying in the restaurant when mira left. Couldnt help myself from hugging her tightly. We teased each other a lot and I strongly believed thats what makes us close. For the past few years till now, my belief was friends are not something really precious until I found ones. Thank you girls for the best 8 months together. Thank you for giving me strength when I needed most. Thank you for putting up with me when I go over the boader. Last but not least, hope to see you guys soon. May Allah bless us always and strengthen our bond each day. See ya on my wedding day.

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