Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Assalamualaikum wbt. Today is the last of sya'ban and tommorow we're all muslim going to enter ramadhan. In fact tonight tarawih going to start. I can't believe it all happen really fast. It feels like I just end my foundation life yesterday. Wow. So basically after foundation life ends, I run my business and at the same time I worked at a bookstore near my house. But I quit because mum wants me to attend marketing classes and whatsnot. It feels good though I am not employed now but at least I could try to perform tarawih every night and I could enjoy ramadhan to the fullest this year. Since for the past few years Ive been staying away from home and my ramadhan is filled with homeworks,tests and lab reports. Since all foundatiom students going to have almost 5months-holiday before degree starts, so I thought of working harder for my business. Like I sell shawls and women outwears which I thought it was really easy like wey youtransfer the money and I do the postage. But I was totally wrong. Business is something more than that. I'll need to like really struggle to do marketing,posting,payment,packaging,designing etc on my own because I handle it all alone. But at least I learned a lot. Like for the marketing, I thought it doesnt require money to boost up your sale like it is so easy peasy but again I was wrong, marketing is like the main focus in business. Marketing require everything ; attention, money, hard work and relationshiop with people. I could simply say friends help you a lot like seriously A LOT! You will need to spend some money so that people will know you. and for the design, I thought it was simple as going to any wholesale store and just choose any of them thatyou like and pay! But it is not that easy. If you sell low quality product, people will not repeat their order and you will lose their trust. So what I did is, I went to kedai kain and sent to the tailor discussing about this and that. And because Im like a newbie so I am not very particular about the measurement so some of them got very short and some got very long and customer complain and so on. Oh life! THAT IS BUSINESS! but at the end you know that this is the lesson so you learn from it. There are so kany times when I feel like giving up but when I thought of my dreams my abition and my family especially parent. I would just go "no aina! Dont stop! Chill and keep striving!" . Of course in business you will got both positive and negative feedback. So just chill. (I watched movies and empty my mind for a while). But basically what I learn to grow my business is that "YOU NEED TO GIVE IN ORDER TO GET". Well that is what Allah swt promise you. Even it is proven in your body itself. Observe! Firstly you inhale. Then exhale. How does it feel? Satisfying? Yes,exactly! Secondly,inhale and never exhale. How do you feel? Dying? Yes of course!! Its natural do. Sooo its proven. In other to get something you must give something also. So I went to many marketing classes and Ive met a lot of people ; datin, Dr phd, orand kuat malaysia, they are all business people. So from this platform I actually gre my business. But basically all depends on you. So to any new entrpeneur out there dont give up okay!!

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