Wednesday, November 23, 2016


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Nothing much about yesterday. It is just that yesterday was my birthday. The day I was born 18 years ago. Simple, boring, similar and nothing extraordinary. I just found out that how good friends bring so much happiness to me and it somehow remind me of my dormmates. I just love it to infinity when they pranked me on my birthday and nanu, my adik angkat, suprised me with birthday card and brownies. I love it so much, I love suprises a lot and yet Im shocked that somebody I love most didnt know that. Well. 22nd nov passed and I am still here with bleeding heart. Gosh, I didnt expect to be at the lowest part of life on my birthday. thanks girls, my dormmates and nanu, for making me feel extraordinary on 22 nov 2015. Making me feel appreciated and loved. Even they splashed me with water few times but I love it I really do. First time kena birthday prank macam tu and that is what Ive been waiting for years. Thanks guys it is just thanks thank you so much. I wish nothing but may future brings nothing but good to me �� gosh still faking a smile and act like Im happy even when Im not. I really am not.

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