Sunday, November 27, 2016

I wish.

rate ? 

Lately, I've been tested with so much problems. Mentally and emosionally. So much stress. My tears rolled down when someone asked "you ok?". Yes that easy. But its okay. time heals everything. I dont  remember the exact date and time, but I actually had a dream of being in the holy land, being in mekah. I saw myseld very clearly, I could say Im truly happy in the dream. And that feel so real. I really thought it was real seriously until that I woke up and realised that I was in bed. And it was just a dream. I miss everything about mekah and madinah. When I was "called" upon to perform umrah with my parents last january. I was so happy. The story begins here. When ibu asked me which country would I love to go. I said istanbul tapi kalau boleh pergi mekah sekali. So dad brought us to both. I was in sgs when mum handle the tickets and everything because I was having spm. And on december2015 I was in instanbul  and continue my journey to mekah and madinah and we flew back to malaysia on january 2016. Dad was planning to bring us to london/paris I forgot. But really want to go to instanbul it is all about sultan al fateh. Alhamdulillah I got there. And I really couldnt stop myself from thinking boleh ke aku tengok kaabah lagi. It is because of a reason. But cannot tell you guys. and when I reached masjidil haram , Im glad i could still see kaabah. Im glad this time I could go to masjidil haram and masjid nabawi alone. im glad mum allowed to do so. Im glad that I am not afraid of walking alone at night going back to hotel from masjid. Im glad of doing tawaf and saie and mum put so much trust on me to do it alone when we're apart. Im grateful that Allah took care of me. Im grateful that even when there are millions of people but Allah protect me from any bruises or hurt. there was one night when i told mum to go hotel earlier and let me on my own in masjid nabawi. I walked alone to the raudah and I met a woman. Kind hearted one. Allah sent her to help me to protect me throughout the night. She guided me and protected me when Im in sujud. She hold my hand tightly when the gate of raudah opened. Im sorry i forgot to ask for your contact no so that we could keep in touch. and if I were about to die. I hope it would be in either masjid nabawi or masjidil haram. Please ya allah. I beg you. And i would love it so much if I'd given a chance to go to mekah and madinah every month and every year.

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