Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Accidently exploded

rate ? 

I was in silent. That is how I used to act when Im angry,sad,dissapointed,boring. Even when Im happy I would stay silent. I prefer to be in that way. It is not I am too shy. It's just that sometimes I dont know what topic should I speak. But there was one day when I have no mood, I stucked between my anger and sad and dissapointment. So when I got forced to do something, it triggered my anger to exploded and without I realised I bormbaded what Ive keep in my heart throught my words. I accidently said ".............aku benci kau........." in anger towards a person. I know I shouldnt say that but you know "dont take the silent people for granted" . I am that type of girl yang pendam every single thing. I keep everything to myself. Only Allah and I know. my patience has its limit also. Im a normal human being and i do have feelings. So dont take me for granted.

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