Monday, July 4, 2016

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

Its like the happiest day ever. Alhamdulillah ya allah 😂 that day when dad brought home his sport car, i was sooo excited to have a ride at least but i didnt voice out my intention because i know i dont deserve to ride the car. I know plus it is abah's so i asked mum is it nice and what did she feel to ride the car. Suddenly today dad took us for a ride with his new car. I was soo happy and excited. I was so grateful dpt naik pun alhamdulillah because all this while i only can look at my cousin naik fair lady, kak farah with her sport car. I keep it to myself. Tapi takpe i domt mind pun i know i wasnt born in a silver spoon. but then tadi after changing the tyres and bought some snacks abah stop the car at the roadside and turn his face to me whose sitting at the back. I was like "what dad? Why? Did i do any mistake? Did i sit inappropriately?" And dad smiled at me asking "cepat lah drive" i was like are u sure dad?!!! I mean. This is your dream car and u just bought it of course it is expensive and i cant afford to pay if anything happen. But dad just chill out and said to me  "laju sikit ok ok slow down ok here kena tekan minyak. Baru feel bawak kete sport. Oh ya we have the same minat lahh.." wow my dad is so sporting. I enjoyed myself driving the car hahaha really enjoyed. and suddenly it reminds me of my childhood dream where i want to drift HAHAHAH. I want to drive sport car like really fast and win the match. I am that crazey i know. today i almost feel it. Ya allah thank you so much for you endless rezeki 😂😂😂 even that I always be a naughty,rude,lazy daughter . But still you shower me with your uncpuntable blessings. indeed, keampunanMu lebih luas dari dosa hambamu.

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