Saturday, June 11, 2016

Parents ft. Ibadah

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Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone. So since today I have a little time to spend. I would love to blog about somethig that has been stucked in my head for quite a long time. It is regarding our ibadah that is related to parents. It is a big issue i guess because its either your ibadah is accepted or the other way round. It should be my privacy but since I thought of maybe some other people outside might be having the same problem as me so why not we point out our point of view. I believe everyone knows that we live in this dunya with full of tests to determine which one of us is really beriman to Allah swt. And also we , each one of us will be tested with a totally different kind of test which this is the reason we are asked to be kind to one another. And I believe it too one of us might be tested with their patient ; to be patient on being faithful daughter for instant. And this is mine honestly. Of all fights and broken hearts, I finally wanted to give up and keep silent. Each day trying to improve my ibadah but never thought that ibadah would be strongly related to parents. And on this holy month ramadhan, alhamdulillah I found out a thing. A post on instagram telling that "ibadah kita diterima bila kita hormat dan patuh ibu bapa plus tidak menyakiti hati mereka." And I am now here thinking of all sins I have done towards my parents, mother especially. Did Allah swt accept my ibadah? After all my harsh words and bad actions towards my parents. I am not telling you I am kind or whatsoever. Im a sinful slave. And I feel so bad. Sometimes I feel that "am I munafik people?" "Would my life ended in a good way?"

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