Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New life

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Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh

This is the second day of classes and I am partially enjoying it plus fearness is halfly conquering my mind. Since in sgs back then the teachers taught us to be independent and alhamdulillah the situations and environment here in uitm almost similar to sgs. But of course we feel tired and exhausted this month is the holy month ramadhan some more. We have to walk here and there but everything went smoothly. Every room got aircond and they provide lift as well so we  are kind of living happily. Some of the classes have started and some not however Im still afraid of every subjects that I am going to learn. Despite this whole bunch of fearfull I am still trying hard to enjoy class and absorb everything as i could. I hope i could understand everything the lecturers tell us. And since I have been in comfortable 5 months of holidays so I accidently caught myself being so slow using calculator. But nevermind time heals everything eceyyyy. And yesterday when I was waiting for the break fast time. I accidently stared on a guy ;wearing baju melayu and songkok holding water bottle and a small plastic of idk maybe kuih. I feel guilty i dont know. Im not telling you that i am kind. But this guy really touch my heart. I mean he breaks his fast with that only? And his face expression doesnt seem as if he is sad. No totally no. So my heart told me. How grateful he is even when he only drink plain water and some simple food. But i  myself having nasi ayam and sirap ais yeap still complaining never feel grateful. Haih. I should have approach him and told him that his mother must be very happy i mean the happiest girl on earth if she knows she has a son with imaan. So kind la this guy. Only buka plain water and feeling so grateful. Ya Allah. If this small kind of thing he did si well in his life what do u think he does for ibadah? Allah.  I got jealous of him lah. Dah lah bye.

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