Monday, June 27, 2016

Morning blues

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IAssalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh.

I have been waiting so long to update my blog but time has always be the limiting factor. And so here goes the post entitled morning blues. Its about one late evening when my roommate and I had a conversation which she said that I am kind of girl who is having morning blues. And i asked her why. Because I look like Im having problems and my face turns serious durimg  morning time and even my mood flies off whatever it is as evening comes, i somehow switch to a mad girl I laugh like a lot. And most of the time i caught myself doing hambar kind of lawakness. Whatever. I dont care. And here I am sneaking into my revision time to blog. Hmmmmm. Such a waste! And ya dont be  too excited for raya or else you will be missing out somthing really precious!!! And its been years where I have to face tests right after raya and so what?!!!! The thing is I want to enjoy my raya to the fullest. I want to have my raya dishes and kuih raya and duit raya and also not to forget my long lost moviess which I have always been waiting for them. Anywho, congratulation to my cousin yana for getting dean list. Huyohhh its so unpredictable. Regardless of what people may look at you before, you finally achieved triumph baybeh. I told her ill only treat her with plain water hahahaha sweet cousin dont i? Now whattt? This evening im having test and Im like hellowww im not yet finish my revision. Wait a minute! And tommorow got tuto class which I not yet do it. -.- now i wonder what life means to me.

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