Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Busiest time for life

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Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh.

After asar ; this is the time which I found myself relaxing to the fullest. I dont stress out my brain for studying or whatnots. And here I am blogging out something about current life issues. I caught myself staring at our lecturer trying hard to understand what is actually happening haha and since class has started in just 3 weeks. We already got tons of hw to be done. I mean like "oh ya wait let me sort of my schedule first.". I dont know which subject to start and even the older homeworks not yet completed. This is the busiest part of 2016 and I am blessed , content and grateful. Therefore, I learn to not waste my time fooling around butttt I always caught myself cheating for my beauty sleep. Arghhhhh so stress about this one. After one lab report finished so there goes another lab report and continuosly until we end 8 months of foundation. And what I have classmates who finished homeworks way too early before me and I feel so potato of myself. They are too brilliant to handle. Despite the busiest life and lack of time and tons of homeworks, we still obligate to juggle our time for works and studying because test begins after raya and I am worried. Because uhm what do you mean by completely finished 3 chapters of physics in 2 weeks and excluding other subjects. Whattt!!!! I thought of dividing myself into 3 part so that I could do all in one. Ok bye. Happy fasting evelibadehhh

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