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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

Before I go any further regarding "war". Let me tell you about today first. Today I woke up a little bit late than usual because I feel like wanting to puke. Loya and dizzy some more. So I breathe in and out to calm myself. But till now I still feel the same. So silly thay I thought Im pregnant very silly. So suddenly I thought of heat stroke so I asked Q if the symptoms were similar to mine but totally wrong. so we go "dude maybe you belly need some time to rest you better avoid food for the time being." Oh yeah I know I eat a lot ok I got it.

(Literally continue the war thingy the next morning wakakaka) because I feel like puking "again.

The war is something about horses. So for future horse rider or the horse rider itself I would humbly love to share some tips and knowledge which is compulsary I guess. So few month before I got to ride myself and kind of Haris believe in me so that he gave the permission.l,I was riding withouht any tali to hold I sweaer I dont know the name the thingy for riding, and it was so hard because I need  to push myself to keep moving following the ryhthm of kasturi.((he wasnt confident with me because he followed me all the time even whe he was in pain))  but after some time I managed to ride properly so I went with walking, trotting, and  canter. But I didnt go any further, I quit due to spm examination plus I was staying in a boarding school I dont have time to train. So I quit and insya allah plan to continue further.

So at first I was so in pain after riding horse, my backbone, legs were aching. So I told aunty laili about this and then she adviced me to shower with air garam. Which to neutralise the acidic liquid in your body. Alhamdulillah, after I took my bath, my body was no longer in pain. This one is the first tip. So I caught myself babbling "aduh sakit ni sakit la tu..." and sighed without I realised I wasnt only hurtng myself but obviously hurting my horses as well. I am grateful I am close to aunty laili she helped me a lot. So she said to me "Na, not only you who is in pain and aching but also the horse you ride." Why did she say so? Because when I ride I  wasnt following the ryhtm on movement of kasturi's body. So I was actually gave so much pressure to kasturi's backbone that could hurt him. So he is actually aching as me. So please dont blame your horses but blame yourseld either. When you ride, dont force your body but you just need to follow the movement goes up and down smoothly. You gotta know your horse isnt in pain when you arent aching. Get me? Good.

So there goes the second tip. Now the third one. After riding session, please please reward your horse. Give her carrots or fruits whatever that he likes. Trisha's daddy told me this. "Hi aina. So hows yr riding went? Aina nahh take some and feed your horse. This is the appreciation symbol and he knowa you appreciate him. He also got feelingss now go feed him." Dushhhhh so pleaseee reward your horse. Do you think you are light? Carrying you is such a burden ok hahahahahaha and you bumped on him some more walaweh. You kick and rotan him lagi and you dont reward him? Nahhhh doesnt it sounds rude,kan? So think.

Anddddd this one is for newbie macam sayaaa. Huhuhu. I always feel sorry for my horse if Haris asked to kick him a little bit to give him the hint to move. But after I met an ustaz, I told him I couldnt do that I feel pity for mt horse and the ustaz said "no aina. Kuda ni Allah ciptakan mmg untuk kita tunggang. Jd yakin lah" BUT DONT EVER YOU HIT OR HURT YOUR HORSES I WILL SLAP U IN THE FACE. YOUR HORSE COULD UNDERSTAND TO YOUR COMMANDS. SEND HIM SOME TELEPHATIC. belai your horse very smoothly and tell him you love him. Loving and firm. Got i?!!!!

 So before I ride I would tell her ok come trot sayang i love you. Memanglah. At the beginning he will be very slow but tust me with your firmness, he would go very well as you want. So I went zick zack and canter and trot witg my.hoses yayyyyy we did it. But not good enough after few steps I go "ok darling slow down now walk Im tired" huhuhu. Ok thats all. You may come to saujana utama if you want to try out horse riding. Lets join us. And also you can go further with horse back archery. Here got archery and swimmig classes as well.

Till we meeet again.

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