Tuesday, April 19, 2016


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

So many things happen in life untill I realised my bed time has become a little be late which I dont like it that way. This time I am writing on behalf of my very not so emotional emotion ok. Please dont get me wrong throughout the post. I try to juggle my mentally emotions.

Egoistic? And I dont bother if some might say you such a childish you gotta not take it so  seriousm. Whatever because I care.

I believe some people is just like me I mean we have our own point of view regarding this one problem I am going to tell you. I  got a very big ego in myself I really do. I have no idea on how to explain but I try ok. 

There is one person who is so close to me. I mean very very close to me. Its been yearsss and it has been more than 10years. We passed through zillions of obstacles. We fight against each other and the next day will get into one  another as usual. But this times is too different where I have had enough of everything and I am so done. Im so sorry for saying this. But if I declared that I am no longer happy means I aint talk to you for silly jokes and simple things as hey have u eaten? Or hey cook me good dishes please. No. I aint have no time for that for you. No such thing as we converse to each other except for serious topics. 

Why do I have to do so?

Because I dont want any sins or hatred breeding between us. As simple as that. 

Yes I ignored your story most of the time now. I didnt look at you when you were talking to me. I just blinked at the photo you wanted me to see. Most of your questions being unanswered now. Yes I am that comolicated but it is just I am not yet completely healed. I refused to have dinner with you guys and I knew this one annoyed you so much but you need to know I need some time for myself. Let me handle this on my own ok. When things get better I will make you happy. 

I'll keep it everything that has happened between us like everyone wouldnt know you dont have to worry. you mind your own life and I mind mine. You dont have to talk to me if possible. Goodbye.

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