Monday, April 18, 2016

cat lover

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
So how you guys feel today? hectic? Good? Fine? Very amazing?
I have all in one. But this post is specially dedicated for simba and chloe.
If you could read this, i bet you aint say any other word rather than "thank you mommy for feeding us brigin us to clinic and cleaning my poo."
Oh how i wish they could possibly say that. I am just a few minutes ago being hafly mad. Im sorry if you are a cat lover because so do I. (Very show off you)
I came home late evening so i rushed up to perform solat and then again rushed to clean THEIR POOS. What do you mean of having a noble duty like that everyday? Now i thanked those cats out there for being really independent. They dont spoil us i guess and just wanted some of your leftover food. 
Today i want to popped out everything. You know how exhausted I am when I came home but still need to clean their poo and they dont appreciate my efforts i am very sad i told you.
Im so sorry cats. They always want to try to get off from the sangkar. You know everything needs money?!!! So what is money to you dudes?! Look so silly i am hahahaha!
But hey you gotta listen to me first. I wanted to add their food so I opened the door and SUDDENLY he ran out before I got to catch him. 
Grateful luck was on my side because simba actually ran into the house. And then i said "simba come here come here!" 

Guess what he did?! I said, guess!!! 

He laid on the floor with the i-dont-care-you-shut-up-mad-girl face.


So I have had enought of their poos so what now?
I locked myself in the room. Now. Typing about they both. If only they can be like other cats; dig the soil for their own poos, being clingy to me all the time, is allow to go anywhere they want but knos to where is their mommy and home. 
But they are just too amazing to be done as that they ar fabz u know im saying this because daddy wont allow me.
He bought them for  1K+++ . And he wont let me do all that. And now i thought of selling them probably. ((I dont know yet. Could change my mind in any second))
I never carry them in my arms they never give me the chance to either. 
How can we stick to one another because in another way i think they look me as an outsideer i am totally sad about this. 
Ibu asked me if i agree to sell them i said no. But should think again BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN CLEANING THEIR POO FOR A LONG TIME AND MY LOVE FOR THEM HAVE GROWN BIGGER THIS TIME .
The end. 

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  1. Pity you..hope you not selling them. They just need your love, show it! Tell them that you love them. :) Ahaks!